How to Survive a Triggering Date as a Grad Student

Graduate school comes with a lot of demands. If I'm not wiping out while I try to skateboard to get around campus faster, I'm reading, writing a research paper, exploring new ways to get involved or finding my next coffee fix. I feel exhausted. More than exhausted. I feel run down. I don't feel this... Continue Reading →


Aeen: Week #2

An example of what is wrong with how males see women in today’s culture, and what that can look like in real-life.

Holding my breath, searching for resolve.

Are we not born to remember to breathe? I am broken, I can't remember to breathe. I keep holding my breath. As I take a big breath, I find myself holding it without releasing it from within my lungs? Why does this happen? Maybe this is about more than a forgetfulness to let go of one's breath, but a subconscious attempt the body is making to hold on to whatever it is able to..........

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